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Care tips

They have bought a vibrator or dildo or other toys and wondering now is how clean it so the most sense? Then we can help you here with some tips on how to care for sex toys.

One advance: The surfaces of our Toys are not smooth and closed porous.
Excessive Hygiene is therefore not necessary. Disinfectants and sprays can be sensitive surfaces (especially those made of metal attack) and to destroy.

We recommend your toys after each use with warm, never hot water and wash ph-neutral soap.
Holztoys can be dried with a soft cloth. Silicon surfaces to air dry, you better leave. They thus avoid the adherence of lint and fluff.

Clean the holes and grooves very thoroughly and check the surfaces always for damage.
If anomalies do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that only our silicone vibrators are waterproof. Vibrators made of wood, however, are only protected against splashing water.

IMPORTANT!  The control unit is not waterproof!

For storage, you may also like to use the box in which we have provided you with the Toy.

Use of Lubricant:
Use only water-based lubricants as they can damage the surface of silicone gels Silikontoys and damage.

Remote Control:
If your toy is powered by batteries, remove the batteries before a long-term storage. This may leak and otherwise destroy the ECU.

And now we hope you have fun with your toys.