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As a manufacturer of handmade dildos and vibrators, we assure you that are extremely high quality materials.

The silicone:
We only use addition-curing silicone, which emits no fission products and is completely odorless. Among other things, it is characterized by full compatibility. Through special manufacturing techniques, all of our toys get their glassy, slidingjoyful surface.
Our painted wood:
Again, we use only quality woods and a safe paint.
Our wooden vibrators / dildos are hand crafted and polished up to 4x and varnished, which gives our vibrators a dream-term smooth and durable surface. This is used a special paint, which is also used for children's toys. (according to DIN EN 71-3

Our oiled woods:
The wood will be oiled and polished several times in a ritual bath. After a final polishing the wood and get a satin smooth finish. We use an antibacterial hard wax oil with health protection, which is also used for children's toys. (according to DIN EN 71-3 and § 35 Lebensmittel-) and Consumer Goods Act.

The most natural way to enjoy fine toys. Connoisseurs appreciate our wooden toys.

The vibration motor:
In all our vibrators, we rely on strong, ball-12V motors, which we equip with weights from own production. The vibration unit is placed in a rigid encapsulation, we have also developed themselves. The engine has a 1,7 m long connection cable which is connected to the controller.
As a result, to ensure this structure not only that the drive for our silicone toys are waterproof, but that he also has a very low noise level.
These characteristics, we have given special attention and we are pleased to offer a powerful - yet very quiet - offering vibrators can. This drive also takes in our wooden toys use which because of the materials used are not waterproof.

The controller:
The control unit is manufactured by ourselves. It gives you a continuous adjustment of the vibration of the pulsating vibrations, up to a powerful, penetrating massage. Demo Video
We are convinced that the depth of our equipment is first put all your friends in the shade.
12 V Regulator:
The operation takes place) with 8 x 1.5 V batteries or rechargeable batteries (AA. Would you like to run your Toy with a 9V battery, we suggest that this is likely by the lower voltage with a slight performance loss.
12/220V controller:
Again, the operation of 8 x 1.5 V batteries or rechargeable batteries (AA) is possible, and the supply via the supplied 220V-Netzaddapter. The latter, we especially recommend to all those customers who shy away from the battery with an increased duration of use. Again, you can run your Toy with a 9V battery. Here we also point out that this is likely by the lower voltage with a slight performance loss.
All our models are manufactured by ourselves in the intricate handmade with great care for you.Our unwavering awareness of quality standards from the first moment of manufacturing.
However, please note that the models produced in color, pattern and texture may vary slightly, as these are manufactured by hand and represents every individual is unique.

The goal of our efforts are Toys2enjoy.
Convince yourself of our high-quality equipment.
We look forward to welcoming you in our shop.